We Are Deck... April Fools!

Ask yourself one question, would you rather sit on a patio or a DECK? For us, it's a no brainer. Because starting now, Patio is officially no more, and from its Rose-soaked rubble rises the new pink phoenix of Deckdom. Ushering in a new era of outdoor home seating and through association, digital marketing, DECK is here to shake things up.

Can we actually shake things up when we’ve been doing digital marketing for 10 years? Well, we've already paid for the new website name, so we're gonna adapt to the challenge and do it all while working from home… on our decks. Because that's what we do (work from home now at least, most of us only dream of sitting on a deck one of these days when Dr. Bonnie Henry gives us deck-lovers the green light).

We're nimble, but we're also quite sturdy. And you know what else is sturdy? ...wood. Which DECKS are made of.