9 Lessons from 9 Years of Patio

Throughout the past 9 years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve their digital and social marketing goals. All that time has come with many moments of learning, and our staff is reflecting on some of their biggest learning moments. Here are 9 things that our team has learned in their time at Patio! 

1.     The targeting options available to marketers is terrifyingly amazing. If you have a friend with a birthday coming up in 0-7 days, we can target you. If you like chicken wings and live in Vancouver, BC, we can target you. It's incredible.

- Alex, Digital Communications Associate

2.     Besides learning that prosecco is my new favourite drink, one thing that I’ve learned at Patio is that I am never bothering anyone by asking questions. Whether this is asking if anybody needs an extra hand or asking a team member to go over my work. All questions are encouraged!

Anita, Marketing Intern

3. On the nerdier side, I’ve learned useful things like tracking pixels, weighted averages, Google Tag Manager, UTMs, and so much more. What’s most important is to make your clients lives as easy as possible, anticipate your client's needs before they even know what they want, and don't forget to include page numbers!

Kim, Digital Account Manager

4.     I can always rely on the camaraderie of my colleagues to let me know the quality of my wordplay: the louder the groans, the better the pun. I consider it a very positive relationship.

Wade, Copywriter

5.     The path to success includes testing our assumptions and changing tactics as needed. The only stupid question is one unasked.

Michelle, Account Manager

6.     Always confirm and get a final approval with the client especially when you are doing a printed job. It’s the best way to avoid unnoticed typos, last-minute changes, and small mistakes!

Nathalie, Head of Design

7.     I started at Patio less than 6 months ago, but it’s one of the greatest learning experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve learned to make data-driven decisions, always ask questions when in doubt, and to have fun while working hard.

Talissa, Junior Digital Communications Associate

8.     One thing I’ve learned as Patio has grown from a one-woman operation to a curated, focused agency – as cliché as it sounds – is that teamwork makes the dreamwork. From bouncing ideas off each other for new campaigns, to working together to analyze and improve strategy, everything about our client projects is improved exponentially with the diverse skills and strengths found at Patio. I’m really lucky to work with a creative and clever group (who also appreciate a good drink and a bad pun)!

Sarah, Director of Client Services

9.     If you have a great team, your work is easy.

Megan, Founder and Managing Director